Belenen (belenen) wrote,

transitioning daydreams

I want to go on testosterone long enough for my voice to deepen and my facial hair to grow, then get my upper lip and cheeks electrolysis-ed so that I only have a goatee. ('cause I was totally meant to have a Pharaoh beard. also mustaches are either scratchy or hide the upper lip, no thank you!) And I would not at all mind an enlarged clit or faster muscle-building. The idea that some people would find me unattractive then both scares and thrills me. But seriously? that would be enough of a change for me. (maybe then people would stop calling me "miss"! Seriously, "Miss James"? hellooooo you're missing the point. That would be just James or perhaps Mx. James) Right now it's just sort of a daydream but maybe in the future it will be a plan.
Tags: gender, little chaotic posts

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