Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (discussing fire and baldness, then kissing)

Last night I dreamed that I went over to this-person-I-know's home and ze showed me zir plans for zir sanctuary (I thought it was odd ze was using my term but assumed it was to relate to me), warning me not to get mad. I asked "why would I get mad??" and ze said "because it's a fire hazard." I said "oh" and thought about it for a minute -- was I angry about zir potentially risking zir life? Then I decided that one's spirituality was more important than one's physical safety and said so. Ze started telling me about this conversation ze'd had with some famous person that ze was surprised I didn't know of -- ze was looking through scrap paper to find zir notes from the conversation. We were both laying on our bellies on the floor and when ze started sort of rambling I leaned over and laid my head next to zirs so they were touching. Ze stopped talking and we sort of just rested together for a moment. Then ze pulled zirself up to sitting and said, "I don't know why I'm calling this a haircut, that's misleading -- what I want is to completely shave my head, to be bald." I rolled over on my back to make eye contact and said, "oooh, me too! I'm just not sure when with everything so up in the air." I suddenly realized just how close above me ze was and put my fingers on my mouth to stop me kissing zir, and ze leaned down and kissed me! After that I was NOT shy about kissing zir, running my hands through zir hair and gripping zir neck and listening to zir little moany noises. And then of course I woke up from sheer excitement.

I've had SUCH a crush on this person for a LONG time, ohmygod. And I'd never have expected zir to kiss ME because I don't see zir as being that ... initiatory? but then, after that first moment it was mostly me kissing and zir responding. I want this to be a prophetic dream but I fear it is just a wishful dream :-p Still, what a lovely way to wake up! (ten minutes before my alarm was to go off!)
Tags: arizona, crushes, dreams, dreams more real than waking, sensuality

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