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confessed crush!

I just confessed to the person I dream-kissed last night my crazy crush and now I'm sooooooooooo nervous EEEEEEEEEK! AGH! And I did it via facebook so now I have to wait for zir to check zir messages AGH! Oh God/dess I'm so sillymadnessnervvvvvvvvvves ohmygod. *takes a deep breath* can I relax enough to sleep now? oh dear. Someone is playing violin on my nervesssssssss. *buries face in hands, then flails hands about, then clasps them!* ohmygodddddddddddddddddddddd *EXPLODES!*

BUT. Yesterday's topic was on dreamwork and I talked about the elements that make a dream more than a dream and this one had some of those elements and then this showed up today: and so maybe it was a SIGN and not just wishfulness. :-/ I think I am going to be jumping nervously at every text until I hear from zir.

*chokes on jitters*

ETA: 30 minutes later I got swept by a wave of calm and I am riding it to sleep, g'night ;-)
Tags: arizona, crushes, intuition

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