Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams (snake in fishtank, going down on an aquaintance, arguing with "the man")

Lots of vivid dreams last night... another dream about a non-water-dwelling snake who was in a fishtank with just barely enough air space to poke zir nose out and breathe. But this one was a garter snake and could shapeshift into a person. I forget who ze was but ze had a female body... it may be that ze was the same person as the one I later ended up in bed with. Ze's someone I've only met once or twice and have never talked to -- I'm drawn to zir for zir attitude but also repelled by some of zir politics. Anyway, we were in bed together and I started caressing zir breasts but ze told me that ze didn't like for them to be touched so I went down on zir (which I've never done in real life) and was surprised to find that I quite liked the taste. I was in an awkward position though and could just barely reach, but when I shifted we were interrupted. Then the scene changed and we were at a restaurant where someone mentioned global warming and a white male passers-by got OUTRAGED and started storming around looking for "intelligent MEN" who could help educate us. After a moment I followed zir, intending to say "fuck off" but when I spoke to zir I suddenly decided to bargain instead, saying that there was no way we'd listen unless they gave an equal amount of attention to a subject which WE feel THEY are ignorant on. They agreed and then I had to figure out which of the many topics to focus on -- I picked the easiest: what the Bible has to say about homosexuality (because this group was Very Conservative 'christian'). Somehow between the time of the first guy storming off and the three coming back, the leader of their group became black (I didn't notice the others). I think this was a new character but it could have been the first one changing color, because the way ze picked up the conversation was as if we'd spoken before. When we got back to the table, the scene ended.

Also two kittens died. :-( They were on a high shelf and got cooked somehow -- I think in the dream they needed to be in water at least a centimeter deep at all times? Well, one kitten died (it was all blackened up) and the other one might have survived but I woke before I could find out.
Tags: dreams, serpents, sex

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