Belenen (belenen) wrote,

overcoming worry / Serendipity / going to live with Ben and Nicole

This weekend my car would not start and then the power went out at my apartment (it's still out) so Anita and Christa drove me to the interviews I had set up (!) and then I stayed at their place for three days.

I love interacting with the family -- words pale, really. Anita's family consists of three other adults (Chip, Christa, and Kim) and three children (R (age 12), P (age 11), and G (age 3)). They work together in this matter-of-fact way that I wish I could put into words. I'm sure they have their frustrations and resentments like any family but those things don't stop them from functioning together as a whole in a really beautiful way. And things I wouldn't normally enjoy (like cleaning) become meaningful and satisfying because they're part of the flow of the family working together.

Even though stuff keeps happening to get in the way of creating the life I want (like car fail and power out!), I'm starting to have more hope about it. I WILL find work and living space and I will become settled and self-sufficient. I am finding the tools I need and putting things in motion. And Ben and Nicole have been so amazingly generous as to offer to let me stay with them until I get my feet under me. I'm grateful and also very curious as to how that will feel... it's been a plan of mine to NOT live with a lover but life had other ideas I suppose ;-)
Tags: hope, serendipity

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