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memorial weekend at Serendipity -- bits I want to remember

I'm going to put this whole post under an LJ-cut so it looks all tiny when really it will be EONS LONG.

Serendipity hosted a memorial weekend party so I spent this past weekend with Arizona and Chip and (some days) Ben and Christa and Kim and P and R and Christa's parents Jerry and Carol and Arizona's parent Deb (and others, but they were the significant ones). I really can't even express the sense of belonging and perfect welcome I feel there. I wish I had the whole time on record... I'm going to just write moments in no particular order, things I want to remember.

Christa and Chip and Kim and Arizona and I laying on Christa's bed just cuddling and resting in a pile of comfort, talking about nothing in particular. Feeling the history between them as a strong bond and yet feeling included even though I don't have that history.

Arizona & I laying on Christa's bed with Christa and Chip*, discussing the just-wanna-fuck nature of frogs and the romantic nature of fireflies. Christa telling Arizona to try to blink and Arizona squinching up and straining to bioluminesce! Then deciding to 'flash' instead and being declared a frog by everyone else. Laughing until I cried! Frog nature vs. firefly nature becoming a running joke ;-)

Arizona and I standing in Arizona's bathroom after brushing our teeth -- watching us in the mirror as Arizona hugs me and noting that I haven't seen so much joy on my face in years and years, maybe ever. (there's a certain smile I've tried to produce on my own that I just can't -- it's a glow that's more than an arrangement of facial features. I'd only ever seen it in photos before)

Playing in the pool and going back and forth between Arizona and Ben, getting kisses :D Group hug with Arizona & Ben & Chip while Arizona and I kissed. Time in the hot tub with the three of them*. Experiencing the connection between Ben and I and the connection between Arizona & Chip and I at the same time*.

Carol thanking me for playing "Encore" even though I don't like singing in front of people ('cause Christa loves the game). Carol asking if the young man (meaning Ben) was coming back the next day (it made me feel like I had an anchor there and could draw in my other people).

Jerry thanking me for making coffee and for inspiring zir to try social nudity for the first time with my unselfconscious nudity (because swimming and hot tubbing is just not as fun with swimsuits on!).

The family getting black bean burgers so that I could join in the grilled yumminess ♥

Getting drunk on rum and being all bouncy and dancy and concupiscent and amative and self-adoring (more than usual, yes! I don't usually verbalize it around others)! Seeing Chip get a little tipsy on tequila and become more talkative (and worry that ze was being loud, heh). Arizona licking salt off of me when taking tequila shots :D

Water wrestling with Arizona and getting dunked several times, much to my surprise (I almost NEVER get dunked (and can often wrestle two at once and dunk them both without going under) but Arizona is sneaky, strong, has great balance, and not above distracting me with kisses). I didn't even mind the gloating that followed because wrestling with Arizona is pretty much the hottest thing EVER*. And the ratio of successes to attempts was low enough that we declared each other a worthy opponent ;-)

Playing "Zombies" (a version of the mafia game) with several groups of people and reading body language to figure out who was lying (SO FUN).

Playing scrabble and watching Arizona move* to the music just a little bit and thinking to myself, "You are the most outrageously sexy person I've ever known" and Chip looking up and grinning at me so obviously I thought at first that I had said it aloud. (that being a thought that expresses a feeling, not a literal ranking of Arizona as more sexy than other people.)

Chip doing a tarot reading on the connection between Arizona & Chip & I* and Kim coming in the very minute after we had finished, having waited while we took 30 minutes (that felt like 10) and sensed when it was over. (the awareness in this family thrills me)


*more on this later!
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