Belenen (belenen) wrote,

not friends with S and Ash right now

I mentioned that S was mad at me. Well, ze still is, and Ash is angry at me too. I really don't know why Ash is angry at me because ze hasn't really communicated with me. At this point I've tried all I know to do with S and I know from scarred experience that trying to work it out with Ash just doesn't work when Ash is angry, so I suppose we're not friends for now. And I think in the future if we're friends again we're going to have to come to some sort of compromise over how to handle conflict because I find Ash's style really upsetting and ze finds mine upsetting but instead of using something in-between it's just been running on Ash's style. Things have been painfully stressful for the past month or so and I'm pretty exhausted over the whole situation, so I'm attempting to put it out of my mind. I imagine that we'll be friends again in the future but I'm not eager for that any time soon.
Tags: ashe, relationships, those passing through

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