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dream (I'm a 50-year-old man who can create-throw fire)

Ben and I were for some reason living with his family, and Miss K was planning a "family" outing, something I'd have loved -- but I wasn't to be invited. She didn't want me to make a fuss or seem upset in front of the others, so she told me in private and adjured me to seem happy. Then the rest of the family came in and turned on music and started singing and dancing. My spirit was weeping, and I decided that the best way to hide that would be to immerse myself in dancing, and I did.... and flew part of the time. Just floating over the floor, nothing spectacular -- but Rebecca noticed and got very envious and sad that I could fly and she couldn't.

Then the scene changed, and I was a fifty-something man with white hair, in a room that was suspended in the air high above the ocean. I was with another man, slightly younger, who was messing with a circular lock in the wall. He got it open, and reached in, taking out a bottle that had a demon in it. He was going to use its power, even though he knew it would eventually destroy him. He hurried toward the door -- then turned to me and told me to take care of his daughter, a pretty three-year-old blond girl. Then he left. So I picked up the little girl and flew down to the water, to a little rowboat I had waiting. But she climbed or fell out, and began drifting downstream. I began swimming after her, calmly at first, then furiously when I saw a hippo-alligator creature coming after her to devour her. I threw flame at him, expecting him to burst into flame immediately, but it didn't faze him. I swam harder, threw flame again -- he paused, but then continued. I beat him to her, took her in my arms, and threw flame again with all my concentration -- this time he burst into a pillar of flame, burning on the surface of the water. She was never afraid, and I wasn't either -- just determined. My power increased with my nearness to her, and as she grew up, my nearness strengthened her power as well. After she hit puberty I started falling in love with her -- kinda ridiculous since I was 50 years older -- but she fell in love with me too and we joined forces to make me about 30 -- a mere 15 years older.

Very strange dream. My powers didn't surprise me in any part of the dream -- they were natural to me. I wasn't even surprised to be a 50-year-old man.
Tags: dreams, ex-in-laws

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