Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Arizona ♥ "The Ratio of Freckles to Stars"

I've just spent the last two hours hunting through my music to find a song that expressed how I feel about Arizona. I was just going to play it on repeat for ages but it's so perfect I want to share:


The Ratio of Freckles to Stars -- Halou
(click to download)

but I don't think I can wait
I've been living for this day
I think that if I do or don't
it'll turn out the same way
but I can't seem to pull myself away
and I hope that's okay
even just the very thought
makes me want to stay

This is more than I can take
I fear my heart will burst or break
If there's a thing as too much joy,
I will be taken away
If I wrap you up inside of me,
kiss your fingers greedily
I will lose track of the floor
I will lose track of my feet

All that you've conquered
was already yours
Walking the night sky
freckles to the stars
All that you've longed for
is painted on my arms
Here, I can take you
I can take you
I can take you

but I don't know what to say
all my language slipped away
I only know that I am yours and
I hope you take the hint

be still my sweaty little heart
you are my every waking thought
If there's a thing as too much love
I am guilty as I stand
If I dive head first straight into you
the way I've always wanted to
I can't be held responsible
there's no telling what I'll do
Tags: arizona, love, music

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