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ramblings / setting a photo-challenge for myself

I have two interviews set up! one for Friday and one for Tuesday. It's a relief to be making progress with finding a job. I'm so tired of worrying about money. I really really miss my lil sis :-( also it's been like... 48 hours since I've seen Anita and it feels like a week; I miss zir so much. Want Anita-kisses (fire and water) and fingers entwined and sweet sharpness. Also miss everyone else at Serendipity. Want to see Christa laugh and hug Chip and drink coffee with Kim and play games with P & R and giggle at G, and go swimming. The Atlanta Botanical Garden has a Canopy Walk now, which sounds so incredibly magical ♥ I want to go very soon. Kate wants to come visit this summer which I REALLY want but dunno when I'm going to have crash space to offer, need to check into cheap accommodations 'round here. I miss my glitter-covered adventures with Hannah; it kills me a little to think that another summer may pass without seeing zir. I'm really enjoying living with Nicole and Ben -- it feels quite cozy and natural. It makes me really happy that I made an art inspiration post again -- I want to get back in the habit of it. (also I pretty desperately want some Norman Lindsay prints -- and I don't think I mentioned that the black-and-white ones are prints of ETCHINGS. made with NEEDLES. Can you imagine???) My brain is getting itchy with all Ben's and Anita's talk of studying and classes, and I'm getting a little nervous. It's been a long time since I thought along patterns set by someone else. And writing papers, aaaaack.

Also I haven't really taken ANY photos in AGES. My confidence got shaken and now I'm afraid to take portraits and I haven't been out in nature lately. It's really bothering me. Which is part of the reason I miss Hannah, because Mx. Clickyclicky is quite shutter-happy and it's easy to make photo-taking normal for me when it's normal for someone around me. I think I need to set some sort of challenge for myself to get me back in the habit. Maybe "every day, take at least three photos of each person I see." Even in bad lighting. Yes. I'm going to get myself out of this funk. I don't promise to share any though -- we'll see if I can manage some improvement on the CRAP I've been producing lately.
Tags: arizona, creativity, hope, little chaotic posts, serendipity, those passing through

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