Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (finding secret compartment with glasses in bioparents' GA house)

I was in my old room -- the unfinished one in the basement -- fixing the blinds to the sliding glass door when I found a strange compartment in the ceiling which opened with two screws (into which I stuck my car keys). I very excitedly opened it and started to look through, thinking I might find an old love letter or perhaps some kind of valuable-but-boring thing I could sell. I found a very short letter saying something like "I knew you'd find this" directed (in my head) from a white-haired mid-50s male to zir similarly-aged female spouse, and two white cardboard containers (the tubes with folded ends) which looked like they held jewelry boxes. I opened one and inside was a zippered denim-ish pouch, inside which was another, for about 10 layers of pouches, and in the very center was a strange set of glasses which had a diamond-shaped lens in the center as well as round lenses on the side. It was terribly dusty (despite being so covered?) but I didn't wipe it off before trying it on. Viv was there along with someone else whom I think I know but cannot place -- they both thought that the glasses were amazing. They didn't fit me well and anyway I hate glasses, but they were so strange that I loved them and I was thinking on who I could give them to who might replace the prescription and wear them. Then my phone woke me up before I could open the other container.

what was odd was that during this process of finding, Gabe sent me a text which somehow was printed onto paper, asking my opinion of fae names. I loved all of them except for "King" -- and I started to write my response on paper but then realized that wouldn't actually send back, so decided to respond AFTER exploring the box, even though I was very excited about Gabe having contacted me about something so relevant to who I am (naming, fae).

I dream so often of this old house... I really should tag it.
Tags: dreams, fae, names, viv, wishwood, wynnes

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