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memories of the Wynnes

I've been thinking about all the people I miss.... especially Adrienne and Kaylene and the Wynnes... and I decided to write these down so I can remember them always....

Some of my favorite memories of the Wynnes:
----Paula sitting down and writing me a check for $200 – for no reason except to "chase the ghosts out of my pocket"
----William and Gabe bantering with Ben and I about the best way to take over the world.
----Spencer leaving work to go buy a battery for me and install it when I was stuck on the side of the road.
----Gabe's apology letter for being irresponsible and causing me hassle.
----Spencer hugging me before he left on a trip, just like he hugged Gabe and William.
----William's unbelievable ability to avoid saying more words than absolutely necessary.
----Gabe telling me he likes my voice.
----The Fourth of July, where Paula's whole family came over and they all treated me like family.
----making a necklace for Paula's niece's doll, and delighting her (the niece).
----helping the women reconstruct Paula's niece's doll.
----staying up 'til two talking with Paula and June (Paula's mom).
----teaching Gabe to drive (not my favorite memories, but I'll never forget them, that's sure)
----sitting in the kitchen talking to Spencer about the family.
----talking to Paula about everything.
----making and bringing a taco salad to Paula at work one day, and having her tell me that it meant so much to her.
----Mentioning that we needed cheese and that I wanted white American, and having Spencer say, "You got a problem with black American?"
----At the rehearsal dinner, being asked if I wanted coffee, and Spencer chuckling, saying, "She'd never turn that down!"
----being allowed to paint my room DARK VIVID PURPLE and green.
----how Paula and Spencer never once complained when Wallace died and I had to share Paula's car and they had to shuffle their schedules and go to so much trouble.
----going to a seafood place with Paula and Spencer and Gabe, and trying calamari for the first time
----Spencer's unbelievably yummy shrimp and pasta dinners and how he made them more often when I raved over them.
----Making Paula a necklace in "fire" colors, and seeing it come alive against her skin and look gorgeous with her red dress.
----Making Paula a 'Jolie' in wild colors, and hearing her tell me about the many compliments it brought her.
----Spencer offering to let me use his digital camera to take photos of my jewelry for the web.
----how they got me a birthday present when they had known me only three weeks.
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