Belenen (belenen) wrote,

illness and stresssss

I've been ill-ish for the past two days -- not sure what set it off but yesterday I ended up puking at school (ughhh) and since then my stomach has felt very defensive so I've been eating smushy foods that my system is used to, in the hopes that it won't get cranky again. I have two exams tomorrow and I'm quite nervous about them which is why I'm "studying" (haha!). I'm wondering if this stomach-thing is stress-induced... I can't stop thinking about how I have to make at least a B average to get the HOPE scholarship and I've never worried about grades before in my life, except in classes where I didn't try. Now I'm trying, but feel like my best efforts will somehow not be enough. It doesn't help that I started out almost three weeks behind everyone else because I didn't have the books, agh. I really hope I can calm down enough to focus. Why can't we just have an occasional "what did you learn from this" essay? I know I could do well at that -- I pay attention and I learn, dammit.

Also Anita is visiting zir parent in [Mississippi? Missouri? some M-state] and Chip and Christa and the kids went on a camping trip, so it's just Kim and I here and the house feels SO WEIRD all quiet like this.
Tags: other-directed education, sick

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