Belenen (belenen) wrote,

tattoo poll (asking)

as I was lying in bed unable to sleep last night, I reflected on tattoos and even though I rather want "gender abolitionist" to be my first one, I also want to get something SOON and it's just become high-backed shirts weather :-< since I've moved "gender abolitionist" to my back, my right wrist has no tattoo planned, and I had a new idea (or two) and I want to know:

which one would provoke more questions?

"Ask!" in large letters just above the bend of my wrist
a string around the back of my wrist with a tag dangling onto my hand, on it 'printed' the words "ASK ME"

also, which design idea do you like more? the word on the wrist or the tag on the hand?
Tags: gender, polls, questions, self-decorating

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