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I'm the only 21-yr-old childless married woman

I think I am the only girl my age who has gotten married and isn't planning on kids right away. (I would prefer to wait 6 or 7 years) DAMMIT! I can't relate to singles easily 'cause I'm married and my world is different (although not as different as I thought it would be), I can't relate to married people 'cause they are either old or have kids.......... I'm so frustrated with this! And why can't I find a Benjamin Gate fan who is passionate about them (without being obsessive)? Why can't I find someone interesting who loves to beadweave?

And since my car got sick and I never go anywhere, I've become a bit of a hermit. The thing that I enjoy most right now, building my website, is a one-person-only thing, so I tend to want to be alone.
Rebecca has offered to hang out with me, but I don't want to do it 'cause I know I'd accept for the sake of the places we could go, not just her company.
I'd love to hang out with Allison, but it's the same thing with her, I'd feel guilty 'cause she'd have to pick me up, and I'd want to do it partially because I just want to go somewhere. And I'd feel guilty 'cause she's always busy, and if she takes time to be with me she'll likely get flak from her mom for not doing something else that "needs" to be done. (I don't think anyone over the age of eighteen can have a healthy relationship with their parents unless they are financially independent, 'cause parents still treat them like children, still feel they have a right to control. (If only college was free.))

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