Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sex without receiving physical stimulation: reflection and consonance ♥

Sometimes when I'm feeling very deeply connected with a person and I'm stroking, kissing, pleasuring zir but not being physically stimulated myself, I feel the reflections of zir sensations through my whole being. It starts as reflections; I touch zir, ze reacts, I feel mirrored sensations in my body and I react -- and that feels so beautiful and connected and intensely erotic. Sometimes it feels so intense that I can't actually handle being physically stimulated because I'm feeling so much already. And sometimes I just want to feel what ze's feeling without being distracted by direct physical sensations.

..and then sometimes it syncs up and I fall into perfect consonance with this person and we gasp at the same time, jolt at the same time, breathe in unison, get louder and softer at the exact same rhythm, and THAT is always orgasmic -- not always physically (that happens about half the time) but it's always spiritually/emotionally orgasmic. Having both physical and spiritual/emotional orgasms at the same is amazing, but having just the spiritual/emotional orgasm by itself is something I LOVE because I can taste the full flavor -- my body's not overwhelming my mind.

I want to write about specific experiences but that'll have to be flocked and I'm too tired to write more now. Feel free to remind me sometime after Thursday if you're curious.


((I need a concupiscent icon of me! I also just need someone to photograph me, dammit, I miss modeling.))
Tags: connections, sensuality, sex, the essential belenen collection, touch

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