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Benjamin Gate fanpages

productive day... been working on my Bengate fan pages.... will post a link when they are nearer to done, probably tomorrow.

In collecting reviews and interviews and such ('cause they tend to disappear if you don't save them, or I'd just add links to the sites), I've been learning more about the Benjamin Gate... and becoming more impressed. I've also made two mix CDs of their songs -- one of their fast songs and one of their slower stuff -- and I've been listening more to the lyrics. I was so overwhelemed before by their general fantasticness that I didn't take the time to really analyze songs or sound.... now I'm hearing all the layers of guitar (there are two guitarists and a bassist, and they create gorgeously intricate rhythms) and being blown away. Also, I always have tended to focus on Adrienne's singing and the lyrics ('cause I like to sing) so I missed the other points.

And EVERY song is so intensely passionate!

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