Belenen (belenen) wrote,

things that are making me happy: people! and crafty parties!

I'm happy. oh god/dess so happy. There's Kyle, so intensely intertwined with me, who laughs at my silliness and thrills me with touch and shares absolutely everything with me. There's Abby, so incredibly beautiful and clever and amazingly sweet and creative and sexy. There's this darling little nest of people who visit me (something new and SO wonderful) and reach out to me when I'm sad and dance & laugh with me when I'm happy. There's Hannahcohn, who is adorable and open and sillyfun and loving and creative. There's Mike, who thinks deeply and is passionate and argumentative and kind and complex. There's Nads, who gives backrubs that are works of art and is incredibly generous and always open to adventure. There's Jon, who is an unexpected friend, thoughtful and honest, someone I'd count on in a crisis (a rare thing). There's Locke and Heather and Brian and Anita and Veronica who come 'round not as much as I'd like but bringing me delight when they do. There's Sarahitch, a new friend who sort of dashed into my life and quickly became important to me (sadly ze's not local). And there are so many others that I adore but rarely get to see (maybe one day I will have a more reliable car or will live ITP (inside the perimeter of Atlanta) and will get to strengthen those connections). And then there are you lovely LJers who live so far away but know me and love me.

And there's the crafty parties, which are pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in my life (besides people) since curvygirls. This isn't to that level, for sure, but I can feel it changing me the way curvygirls did, supporting me in this unfolding of myself. And who knows what it may grow to! I hope I can keep it up when school starts. Oh yeah, I haven't written about those before. Basically Kyle and I have been hosting every month or so, inviting people over to create together. We get craft materials (plasticine clay, tie dye, wire, etc) and share them with whomever. I really like sharing and I LOVE seeing what people create. So far I've tie dyed two skirts, a shirt, a pair of pants, and a hat; sculpted a handful of beads and pendants (including a goddess figure); painted a collaborative work with Locke; dyed a wall scroll (planning to paint it also!), and made one and a half sets of wings. It's so lovely to be surrounded by people creating. People have drawn (in pen, in pencil, in colored pencil), painted (on people and canvas and plantpots), coded, knitted, collage'd, sculpted, made wings, dyed clothes, made foam swords, worked on a stick-poke tattoo, played music, sung, made a hybrid card game (Kyle, of course), dyed wall scrolls (Chinese wall calendars I had saved!), painted dollhouses, and designed houses (in Sims3 ;-p). Things I would never have thought of have been brought in to work on, which I find SO exciting because it means that this is not being limited by one person's imagination. One thing I love about it is that it starts in the afternoon and usually goes quite late, and people wander in and out in a flow, which makes it feel even more stimulating because the dynamic of the group changes.

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