Belenen (belenen) wrote,

missing XristiM and the rest of the White Crow Poetry Exchange group

There was a time when I wrote lots of poetry and was really active in a poetry forum, and one of my favorite people there was XristiM. Ze inspired me so much, and I loved zir writing SO much. Ze died December 2006, and I've missed zir since. It's archived in a few places but I feel worried that it won't continue to be so I'm saving a few pieces hereCollapse )

And more are archived here. I miss XristiM so much -- ze inspired me so much and encouraged my writing as it was, so new and so clumsy. And I felt like ze was someone I could turn to for life advice, though I think I just learned indirectly through zir poetry instead. It was nine years ago that I called zir friend... wow. And I miss everyone else from White Crow Poetry Exchange (which, before then, was Moontown Cafe and before that something I cannot remember the name of) -- Gabriel, ezra7, vixenecstasy, fisherac, shrinkwrapped, Mark Thomas, ecrivan, inamind, indigomarie, ChristyCloud, gardnercarson, foreverbrokenbyshadows, carndo, Kethry, prismcrow, Sandy Reynolds, pilgrimage, lady ostara, juanita, injara, cleospid, poetessa, others -- it was such a thriving community. That was my home in the great green void, pre-LJ. I miss it! LJ Idol feels a little like that for me, seeing writing from people I originally read from years ago, but I never gave it the sort of undivided attention that I gave WCPE.

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