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places to go, beings to meet

Places I wanna go (this is going in my sidebar and shall be continuously updated) NOT in order of desire:

short trip:
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History (101 Auburn Avenue, NE)
Carlos Museum
Decatur cemetery

day trip:
Tallulah Gorge State Park
Keown Falls (34.613537, -85.088174)
Blue Hole Falls on High Shoals Creek(34.8162, 83.727)
DeSoto Falls (34.706376, -83.915248)
Minnehaha Falls (34.7475; -83.48067)
Hemlock Falls at Moccasin Creek State Park (34.8448, -83.5887)
Falls on West Fork of Montgomery Creek (34.6242; -84.115)
Falls Branch Falls (34.784; -84.30217)
Helton Creek Falls (34.7532, -83.8941)
Amicalola River Trail (+34° 25' 36.01", -84° 12' 47.99")
Anna Ruby Falls
Cloudland Canyon
Brasstown Bald (haven't been there since I was a child)
US: Florida: Longwood: Big Tree Park: Senator (oldest pond cypress in the world)
US: Florida: Fort Lauderdale, 416 SW 4th Place: Raintree (North America's champion of the species)

looong trip:
US: Oregon: Portland: Japanese Maple
US: Maryland: DC: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at the National Arboretum
US: Maryland: North Bethesda: Linden Oak
US: Utah: Fishlake National Forest: Pando (Quaking Aspen clonal colony)
US: Texas: Rockport: Goose Island Oak
US: New York: NYC: Tompkins Square Park: American Elm grove (important Krishna site)
US: Virginia: Hampton University: Emancipation Oak
US: California: Big Sur: Los Padres National Forest
US: California: Santa Barbara: Moreton Bay Fig Tree
US: California: Inyo National Forest: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest: Methuselah (oldest known living tree and non-clonal organism in the world)
US: California: Kings Canyon National Park: General Grant Grove: "General Grant"
US: California: Sequoia National Park: Giant Forest: "General Sherman" (I'm furious that these labels have been applied to such peaceful creatures)
US: California: Sequoia National Park: Giant Forest: The House
US: California: Stafford: Headwaters Forest: Luna (the tree in which Julia Butterfly Hill lived for a little over TWO YEARS in order to save it and the surrounding forest ♥ ♥ ♥ *tears of love*)
US: California: Temecula: Pechanga Reservation: Great Oak
US: Oklahoma: Oklahoma City National Memorial: The Survivor Tree (an American Elm who survived a bomb and subsequent hacking by horrible selfish humans looking for "evidence")
US: Minnesota: Grand Portage: Manidoo-giizhikens (if permitted, obv)
US: Louisiana: Mandeville: Seven Sisters Oak -- the largest live oak! 30.367222,-90.09875
US: North Carolina: Pittsboro: Carnivore Preservation Trust
US: Washington: Port Angeles: Kalaloch Cedar in the Olympic National Park
US: Washington: Seattle: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at the Kubota Garden
Egypt: Luxor: Al Qarnah: Temple of Hatshepsut
Egypt: Asyut
Cambodia: Siem Reap Province: Angkor: Rajavihara (Ta Prohm) (temple overgrown with silk cotton trees!)
India: Bihar: Gaya: Bodh Gaya: Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Fig under which Buddha achieved enlightenment)
India: Howrah: Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden: the Great Banyan
Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura: Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Fig)
Sri Lanka: Savatthi: Jetavana: Anandabodhi (Sacred Fig)
Japan: Yakushima: Kusugawa Hiking Path: Jōmon Sugi**
Japan: Ishikawa Prefecture: Kaga: Yamanaka Onsen: great sugi of Kayano
Japan: Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū: 1000-year-old ginkgo felled and regrowing
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Tera-machi: Hosenji zen temple: ginkgo which was 1130 m from epicenter of atomic bomb blast and survived
Japan: Hiroshima: Shukkeien garden: ginkgo survivor (1370 m from the blast)
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Josei-ji: ginkgo survivor (1420 m from the blast)
Japan: Hiroshima: Naka-ku: Ginkgo at Senda Elementary School, 1650 m from the blast.
Japan: Hiroshima: Higashi-ku: Ginkgo at Myojoin-ji (temple), 1780 m from the blast.
Japan: Hiroshima: Higashi-ku: Ginkgo at Anraku-ji (temple), 2160 m from the blast.
Australia: New South Wales: Faulconbridge: Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum
Australia: North Queensland: Atherton Tableland: Cathedral Fig & Curtain Fig
Western Australia: Gloucester National Park: Gloucester Tree
Western Australia: Derby: Boab Prison Tree
New Zealand: Northland Region: Waipoua Forest: Tāne Mahuta
New Zealand: Northland Region: Waipoua Forest: Te Matua Ngahere (kauri)
Belgium: Kortessem: Onzelievehereboom
Belgium: West Flanders: Lo-Reninge: Lo: Caesarsboom
Scotland: Perthshire: Fortingall: Fortingall Yew (oldest tree in Europe)
England: Lincolnshire: Bourne: Bowthorpe park farm: Bowthorpe Oak
North Wales: Conwy County Borough: Llangernyw: Llangernyw Yew (inhabited by Angelystor)
Sicily: Mount Etna: Sant'Alfio: Linguaglossa road: Hundred Horse Chestnut
Spain: Canary Islands: Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Icod de los Vinos: Church of San Marcos: El Drago Milenario (dragon tree)
Greece: Crete: Chania Prefecture: Municipality of Kolymbari: Ano Vouves: Olive tree of Vouves
Greece: Kos: Gazi Hassan Mosque: Tree of Hippocrates
South Africa: Pretoria Metropole: Magaliesberg Mountains: Wonderboom Nature Reserve (giant fig)
South Africa: Limpopo Province: Modjadjiskloof (fattest Baobab)
Sweden: Dalarna: Fulufjället Mountain: Old Tjikko (Norway Spruce)
Mexico: Oaxaca: Santa María del Tule: El Árbol del Tule (Montezuma Cypress, stoutest trunk in the world)
Iran: Yazd: Abarkuh: Zoroastrian Sarv (cypress)
Lithuania: Stelmužė Manor park: Stelmužė Oak
Armenia: Marduni Region: Karabakh: Skhtorashen Tree
Sierra Leone: Freetown: Cotton Tree
Madagascar: Menabe region: Alley of the Baobabs
South Korea: Seoul: Sungkyunkwan University: Seonggyungwan Munmyo (two great ginkgos)
Hawaii: Lahaina: Banyan Tree Park
China: Hong Kong: Lam Tsuen: Fong Ma Po Village: Tin Hau Temple: Lam Tsuen wishing trees
Tibet: Nyingchi: Bajie: the God of Tree (giant cypress)
Brazil: Santa Rita do Passa Quatro: State Park Vassununga: Patriarca da Floresta

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xochitl ══╣heart╠══
I didn't know the largest live oak is in Mandeville! I might have to pop across the lake and see it sometime. You should come down when the LA Ren Fest is going on too! :D
kiwi ══╣╠══
I LOVE that you put GPS coords in your post. :)

Also, having been to both areas that you mentioned in Washington, I want to really really really encourage the trek to the Olympic National Park. The Kalaloch Cedar is breathtaking.
camilleyun ══╣╠══
Cloudland Canyon is near me as well since I'm right on the GA TN line. I've been there twice and posted pictures when I went.
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.