Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (trees and endless rivers/streams, kyle, spirit-heart-kin stranger)

I was in that place of many rivers in the middle of forest with Kyle -- I don't remember how we got there but I know we traveled to this place and think we were camping. There were quite a few people wandering around and Kyle and I were preparing our wings (which worked like the "sky dancers" toys) to go skimming down a river, and Kyle started talking to this person who neither of us had met before. They were connecting in a very calm and deep way (the 'calm' is very unusual for Kyle) and I felt deeply connected to both of them, even though I hadn't interacted with that person before. I continued doing what I was doing (Kyle left the task in the middle) and when I finished I walked up to them. The person (who had very short dark brown hair, was strong-looking without defined muscles, had small breasts, and was only wearing something around zir waist) was kneeling with zir palms on the ground (which was wet and mossy), eyes closed, and Kyle had zir arms wrapped around this person's waist while sitting behind zir, leaning on zir a little, humming. I reached out and stroked the person's bare shoulders, and ze shivered and I felt relief and increased connection emanate from zir. I felt a very deep unity with both of them and was very disappointed when the phone woke me up.

I wish I remembered more of the dream because this one felt like a dream-meeting. I feel like this person will come into our lives fairly soon, probably before next winter.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, kylei

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