Belenen (belenen) wrote,

not writing agh! planning to write daily for a bit / g-chat

It's upsetting to me that I haven't been really writing about the events of my life. So much is happening all the time, I'm so full of change, and I won't be able to read through my journal to remember it. I also haven't been editing photos; not for MONTHS -- and then I got depressed, as I can see by the lack of photos even taken. I've been spreading myself too thin, not saving enough energy for me. It's difficult, because I love spending time with those I care about, but if it's too much time, or if I leave it feeling drained, then it becomes harmful. I need to find ways to write more, to talk with friends more, to edit photos more. It's also difficult because I feel like I can't share conflicts here -- even with people who have said it is okay with them, I fear that they are going to react the way that others have and be very upset with me about it. But I need to push past that. I need to stop putting that fear above my need to be open about my own feelings and my own process. I'm going to try and write every day for a while, even if it is something small. I don't see another way to get back into the habit.

Also, I have decided that 5pm to 7pm (EST) on Thursdays is Belenen-gchat-social-time. If you'd like to be more in contact, IM me then and we'll talk.

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