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car spirits; auras; dogma or truth?

Counseling... and Ben let it slip that I think my car has a spirit.... and they were not quite horrified, but near. They think I'm dangerously close to occult.

I don't know what to think. I'm confused about so much right now... spirits, auras, whether B. Eadie's experience was of God or not.... whether most ADE's are of God or not.... what is truly "occult" and what is simply misunderstood by the christian church. (most of whom would say that auras or "energy fields" are occult ideas, when they are simply part of God's creation) And about auras -- is it okay to learn how to see them, or would that be stealing what is supposed to be a gift? I know some people are born with that gift.

Out of what I believe, what is TRUE and what is mere church doctrine? That's what I want to know! I almost wish I was born in a secular family, because then I could form all my own ideas without false or misleading teachings... but that isn't really true because whenever I entered the christian world I'd have been faced by those teachings anyway --- BUT they wouldn't be subconscious, at least.

Lots of wondering going on here.
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