Belenen (belenen) wrote,

feeling gross / dreams

It's been a long time since I turned to my LJ because I couldn't talk to anyone else. But I didn't pay the phone bill yesterday (spaced on not having 30 days) and now the site is down for maintenance, so I can't call anyone and I feel SO GROSS. also lonely. This is not something that needs attending to, but it is something that needs expression.

The past three days have been a nonstop studying writing barely-sleeping blob. I pushed and pushed through because tonight was going to be so great but now I feel sickly and I'm lonely and it might last until tomorrow as everybody is busy (except maybe Abby, whose bedtime is in 15 minutes). I just really really want some cuddles :-(

Also I just napped and had two dreams -- one about this incredible computer game with plant people (that I would wish existed except that if it did I would have no external life), and one about my first date with Taz (which hasn't happened yet). In part of that one, I pooped in a toilet in the middle of a coffeehouse, got up and wiped, talking about how strange it was (but I couldn't figure out why it felt strange, it seemed like something I had done a million times) -- the wiping specifically. Taz was like, "what. I don't get why you're weirded out, but okay."

Tags: dreams, those passing through

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