Belenen (belenen) wrote,


I am ridiculously stressed right now. Partly due to unexplained physical pain, partly due to having a shitton of homework due in the next two days (which I had intended to do all tonight but now I think that is not going to happen), and partly due to missing Kylei already as I have not being really able to fully connect to zir because school is so intense right now, and a lot due to the fact that Thursday evening Kylei is leaving for ten days. I've spent some of this evening trying (and failing) to do schoolwork, most of it crying and trying to find ways to ease my physical pain (which, honestly, I think is just a reaction to stress). I'm now writing in an attempt to get past the lack of productivity and general upsetness. I just want to cuddle with Kylei and cry. and I want to feel better. And I don't want to do my homework.

*goes to attempt homework*
Tags: anxiety / overwhelmed / stress, kylei, other-directed education, pain

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