Belenen (belenen) wrote,

on use of my writings: my permissions

Linking to my public posts is always* okay/encouraged!
Sharing my public posts via email or offline is always* okay!
Saving/archiving my posts (to your computer or memories or whatever) is always okay!
Quoting me is okay/encouraged as long as it is an exact quote with my name (Belenen) attached.
Summarizing a post of mine is okay/encouraged with a link to the original and my name (Belenen) attached.

Taking the ideas and modifying them to fit in your own mindspace is very much encouraged, as is writing about those ideas! If you write something that draws heavily from something I wrote, I would appreciate a linkback to the original, but it is not necessary as long as you put your own spin on it. IF you refer to me by name, please link to the original (so that people don't think I wrote something that I did not).

In all of these cases I'd really love if you let me know that you shared/referenced my writing, but it's not necessary. It just makes me happy :D

Rephrasing my writing and sharing that as your work is NEVER okay, with or without a link/reference. For it to be your work, it needs to differ significantly from mine. If it doesn't, just quote me and add your comments after.

*exception: unless you're doing it with intent to harm me (get me fired, expelled, arrested, etc).

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