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my three moms and sleepless night

AAAHHH!!! I thought Mother's Day was the weekend after this one! (that's what I get for not checking the calendar) Oh well, my biomom's present will be late, I suppose, since I can't get to the post office until Monday. *pout* I bought Garnier Fructis conditioner for her -- that stuff is miraculous on hair -- and two fancy red-ink pens that I'm gonna decorate (she's a teacher).

Ben's in charge of getting Miss K's present...
I want to get my spiritmom something, but now that I have two days instead of the 9 I thought I had, what I wanted to do I can't.

Speaking of Paula -- she's on bedrest, and she can't be due until sometime in August, I don't think. Which means she's in a delicate position. They never tell me ANYTHING. I cried again. I suppose being left out hurts so damn much 'cause I want to be adopted, as dumb as that may be. But they are the only family that ever gave me a supportive, unselfish, accepting-and-loving-me-for-who-I-am home.... I can't help it.

I couldn't sleep last night -- after praying with Ben for an hour or so, I got in bed at 3, laid there 'til 5:30, mostly just praying. I don't understand why I was so wide awake, unless God was just determined to have me pray for longer. It was odd.

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