Belenen (belenen) wrote,

daily: meeting Cat / no homework today / TBC fundraising / Alchemy plans

Today I met a new person, Cat. We talked for two and a half hours and it was interesting but slightly awkward, because ze's not a very touchy person and that's become so unusual for me I wasn't quite sure how to react. I've actually never had someone respond to, "do you hug or shake hands?" with "let's shake hands." (I keep forgetting the better question I came up with, "do you hug, shake hands, wave?" I want to ask a question that encompasses no-touch-at-all but have fallen into a pit of awkward word tangle every time :-p I need practice!) Anyway we talked about social justice and entering it through academia (though, ze's totally done with school and I still have years to go) and I hope we can be friends!

The rest of my day was not nearly as productive as I had planned, but I think I may be a bit too optimistic with planning to do homework the first day of my weekend. I think I need a bit more decompressing time before I can focus like that.

Things are slowly coming together for TBC! we're almost halfway to goal, which is SO exciting! :D At least five more people have pledged, so I think we'll at least get above halfway :D and I'm excited to make things for people. I reeeeally enjoy that.

I'm leading a panel discussion on queerness and a workshop on intimacy at Alchemy; it's a low-pressure environment for me because I don't expect to be surrounded by academics or activists, whom I find intimidating. Hopefully I'll learn things that will help me hone my presentations for Atlanta Poly Weekend and other places (if I've been accepted). And I cannot WAIT to get my car all painted up. :D I hope lots of people participate.

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