Belenen (belenen) wrote,

moment of lingering happiness <3

I just talked to Hannah! and it was so nourishing that I'm buzzing from it, feeling a lingering happiness, which hasn't happened in SO LONG. It's been at least three weeks since I felt suicidal (which is a relief) and I haven't had any crying jags in like two weeks, but this is the first time I've felt a lingering glow of happiness in at least five months. And happiness feels more real when it lasts longer than the event itself. I feel so good right now. Hannah and I talked about how we build each others faith and that was just a small moment in the conversation but it was so good to feel that resonate, to feel connate. I'm recovering from depression!

I'm sure it helps that I feel like I will be able to get a job and survive, which has been a giant question mark in my head until today. Interview in the morning!

I love you, all my darlings <3 It's so good to feel that affection for the world again.
Tags: hannah, pain, recovery / therapy / healing

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