Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Dear white cis dudes: your opinion is NOT inherently valuable. Go educate yourself.

Dear white cis dudes* who think that their opinions are inherently valuable:

Nope. When you blather on about a topic that you have no education on or experience in, your opinion is useless, worthless, and beyond arrogant. You look ridiculous. Opinions cobbled together from hearsay and cultural biases have no use; you need actual facts ("I saw it on TV" doesn't count) and/or personal experience ("I have a friend who..." doesn't count) to be able to add anything of value to a conversation. If you don't have those things, shut the fuck up and listen to learn. Only open your mouth if you are asking for recommended resources to fix your ignorance.

*I'm guessing this to be a privilege issue: I've experienced this attitude from 90% white cis males, with that last 10% being white cis females.

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