Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Kanika is happy and less anxious now

Kanika is definitely the happiest ze has ever been. Ze spends most of zir time alone in a lot of space where there are no other animals, with plenty of windows for entertainment and a load of soft things to lay on. When I'm home we play or cuddle, or ze curls up at my feet while I'm on the computer (to overlap energy with me). Ze has not had a stress-free home since 2009, due to sharing space with cats and/or humans ze disliked. It's amazing how zir anxiety has lessened -- at the last two gathers, ze greeted everybody and attacked no one, and even sat in someone's lap for a minute. Ze actually enjoys company now, I think, and doesn't feel the need to be in the middle of everything making sure nothing bad happens (and then overreacting to swishy pants and bouncy energy). Ze goes outside a few times a week and even though ze has had run-ins with other cats, isn't fearful. Zir coat is as soft as a kitten's, and ze stopped overgrooming (something ze does when stressed) months ago. Ze likes being held (by me) once a day (instead of once every two weeks) and will occasionally come to me, stand on back paws with front paws on me and meow, get a few pets, then go away content.

Also I'm starting to realize that ze is even smarter than I thought, because ze is getting more cooperative. I am used to having to repeat myself and gesture to get zir to do things, and there was no way to tell if it was obstinacy or obtuseness -- til now. I'll ask zir to move over (for instance) without even gesturing and ze will do it immediately (not all the time, of course), so now I know every time ze stared at me and made me repeat myself, ze was just being a shit and knew exactly what I wanted.

I had a dream recently that Kanika was friends with an adult orange female cat, and now I want to adopt one. I'd like to get a kitten but I am not home enough to give the attention it would need. I'm planning to keep my eye out because orange females are rare, and if I find one I will try to adopt it if Kanika allows.
Tags: dreams, kanika

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