Belenen (belenen) wrote,

want me to make you a mixy?

Want new music? comment (they're screened so only I can see them) with your snailmail address and I'll send you a mix CD compiled of randomly chosen songs from my lesser-known favorites (if I know you I'll probably weight it by what I know of you) . I'll do up to 8 of these (already got one on this list). (decreased the number because it's taking me at least an hour each, heh)

<3 <3 love and hugs <3

ETA: if I know you, I let my music player choose the artist and then I chose a song, skipping artists that didn't have a song that suited you :D

ETA #2: I have now finished 4 and have 4 more claimed but if you want one comment anyway and we'll see if I still have the creative flow to do more :D
Tags: music sharing

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