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oneness blessing -- getting trained as a giver, realizations and learning through giving

About six weeks ago I went to my first oneness blessing circle and learned that they were offering a training. I couldn't afford to pay, so I messaged the facilitator and offered to make something, a piece of jewelry or painting, and ze said that the one piece of sacred jewelry that ze wears daily had just broken (literally the day that I messaged asking about this). So I made this necklace to house zir sacred pendant; I felt really honored to do it and likely would have done it for free just because I feel like making daily jewelry is such an honor. But it was just perfect that the universe had lined it up so that I could give zir what ze needed and ze gave me the oneness blessing giver training in return. It was two days of really intense reflection, meditation, dancing, breathing and chanting, and lots of oneness blessings, culminating in giving the oneness blessing for the first time (I've now given it on three occasions).

The training was really interesting because it made me realize a lot of new things about myself, and I deeply resonated with a lot of it. However it's also very single-divine focused, which makes me feel a little weird because I certainly could not have just one deity. At first I was trying to pick one to do the giving with, and that was just making me feel awkward and stilted. Finally I just decided to ask "who wants to bless this person?" and then let whatever deity pour positive energy through me into that person. It's been really interesting because it's mostly deities I care about, but not the ones I think of as 'mine.' So far it's been Thoth, Set (that was a surprise!), Pan, Athena, Aphrodite, Geb, Nuit, Hapi, Ra, Isis/Mary (sharing), Jesus, Jehovah, Bastet, Sekhmet, and at least one or two that I felt the energy of but have no idea who they are. Only five of those have I worshiped, ever. When I ask this question, I put my hands out as if to catch water, and when I feel that my hands are full, I tip them over onto the person and place them lightly on the top of their head. I then let energy flow through, which feels simultaneously like it's coming in through my head and out through my hands, and also like it's strengthening/widening a beam of light that goes through the person's body from head to feet and straight up from their head, like a searchlight.

I feel like I am getting to know these deities through being a conduit, and the best part of that so far is feeling connected with Jesus again. I hadn't felt close to zir in a long time because I felt like I didn't know zir anymore, like we drifted. When I was giving oneness to someone I suddenly had the realization that Jesus was a submissive masochist and I felt like I realized all of these new layers to zir. I am sure loads of people would be scandalized at the idea, but it made me feel like best friends again.

I've also had a deep realization about the nature of divinity but that is a whole post to itself.
Tags: church - unity, magic, spirituality

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