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Paula, Gabe, and the babygirl

I called Spencer today to find out what their plans were, and he said they were going to church tonight. So I got to see them! Spencer, Paula, and Gabe, that is. (William was with his mom) Before church, Gabe saw Ben and I and hugged us. (my adorable little brother!) After church we caught the three of them and I gave Paula my card (in which I told her just how much she meant to me, something I haven't done 'cause I was scared) and lent her my books (she's on bedrest so I collected all of my christian books to lend to her -- which was a puny pile compared to my sci-fi/fantasy collection. anyway.) and then she sat on the windowseat and we all talked. Mostly about Gabe getting a full music scholarship -- including room and board -- for a South Carolina college that I've forgotten the name of. It's historically an all-black college, so I suppose that will be a nice change from the snooty white kids that went to his "christian" high school. (the parents might be christians, but in my experience most kids who attend "christian" schools are far from Christian. There are exceptions, obviously, but private schools are generally worse about economic and racial prejudice than public schools.) When he told us, I was enthusiastic, and Gabe got all pleased -- I love how my opinion matters to him! Damn I love that kid. BAD THING -- his graduation is the same day as Rebecca's -- I hope they are not at the same time 'cause I don't want to choose!!!

I asked Paula if she remembered me telling her last year that she was going to have a baby girl before she reached menopause, and she said that she definitely remembered it. And the baby is a girl! I feel an odd connection with her -- odd because this is the first time I've even been in the presence of the baby. But I feel her spirit really strongly. I think this girl is going to be a powerful warrior. I hope I get to be a big part of her life. And haha, God told me before he told the parents, so LA! I'm awesome!

Paula has lost weight -- I was shocked when I saw how thin her face was. She had really bad 'morning sickness' for a while and couldn't keep anything down. Spencer is so adorably attentive. She mentioned being thirsty and he instantly went and got her a cup of water.

As they were leaving, Paula said, "Walk me out, baby" and Gabe said, "you mean me?" and Paula said, "No, my other baby." .....................................

.........I felt so loved by that little statement.
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