Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (fish out of water)

Dreamed about rescuing fish again last night for the first time in probably years. I found a little puck of mud, saw that there were fish in it, and dumped the puck in water to try and save them, swishing gently to loosen them. I was worried that they were all dead but after a little while I saw them moving their mouths. So I found a container of clear plastic (not sure why it had to be clear), filled it with tap water, and set it outside in the rain to de-chlorinize. That was the end of the dream. Also they were mostly minnows with one catfish that was larger than the rest.


I feel like this is an anxiety dream but it always turns out okay… I think this is my psyche telling me something but I haven’t figured out what.

Tags: dreams, dreamsymbols - fish out of water

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