Belenen (belenen) wrote,

what you need to be good at cuddling / wish-plan: cuddling for a living

I have snuggled and cuddled with many a person and I can say with confidence that cuddling is a skill, and not all the people who like it are good at it. I am very good at it (though saying that gives me anxiety, what if someone I've cuddled disagrees oh god? I don't think they would though, I get lots of compliments). I think the things you need to be good at cuddling are creativity, generosity, dexterity, vulnerability, and a LOT of empathy/focus. (most of those things are built through practice) You need creativity because otherwise you might have only one 'move' and back strokes are great but they get boring after a while. You need generosity because if you only want to get, that will shine through, and your touches will feel like they are taking and not giving. You need dexterity because otherwise you'll probably poke, squish, or otherwise accidentally discomfit the person you are trying to please. You need vulnerability because if you don't relax and melt with the other person, you're going to make them feel stiff and tense too, and you can't give well from a guarded heart. You need empathy/focus because you need to be able to read the other person's face and body to know if what you are doing is good or not (you can learn this by watching while asking questions so that you know what a "yes" looks like and what a "yuck" looks like, but it usually differs from person to person).

I want to cuddle people for a living. Offer my time hugging, holding hands, petting hair, stroking backs, spooning, etc. I feel like I could give love in a way that would be easy for people to take in; like I could do a lot of good and provide myself with necessities at the same time. My only problem is -- how would I find clients? I know mostly poor people.

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