Belenen (belenen) wrote,

PSA: I do not endorse everything I say or do.

I'm hypocritical sometimes. More often I'm just plain ignorant. Unless I specifically say that I think action 731 is excellent and should be done by most people, I'm not endorsing it. Some shit I do I wish I didn't do (like eating fast food and thus creating a pile of unnecessary waste in one meal). some shit I do I've never even thought carefully about and so it doesn't match the goals I've set for myself. sometimes I'm just plain wrong. please don't take me as a model for behavior, and please don't think that I will defend any action I take, or that I will maintain any particular belief forever. instead, feel free to discuss with me any of my behavior that bothers you. If it is new information, it will probably alter my thinking at least a little. If not, I'll at least let you know what my thoughts are on my behavior: whether I endorse it or not.


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