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readings with Color Voices and decks I've not used before

Yesterday's readings for shioneh, beauty_forashes, theindiequeen, midwinter, and Adi, with photos...


Past: no-thingness. In the past you were lost in the dark, for a long time. This is coming in response to my question: what does Hannah need to let go of? And my interpretation is that you need to let go of the time spent in the dark. Instead of trying to find a use for it, you need to let it be, and you'll find the usefulness of it later. Trust that it wasn't wasted, and let it be past. You're pulling the dark into your present with trying to fix it somehow.

The present: the dream. You have a thought in mind of what you want, but you aren't active about it. You're not present in the moment. Maybe you're feeling hopeless about it, or tired. You need to take action, even tiny action. The card showed me a seed being planted. You don't have to chase after what you want, but you have to make some action.

Future: the creator. Warm fire, bright, creative, I got this in response to what is your best possible soon future. I am interpreting it to mean that if you follow the vision, you can be at the most creative and snug/warm you've been in your life.

Vision: conditioning. I didn't understand this one so I asked for a clarifying card and got "new vision." I'm interpreting this to mean that you've been measuring yourself by standards that make no sense. You are to average people as an alien is to a human or a lion to a sheep. Both cards show huge strength and I think that is what you need to embrace, your strength and anger. Be willing to burn people with your brightness, to nick people with your claws. You've been conditioned to be quiet but you cannot be happy if you can't roar. Express, get loud, loud, loud!



Past: the moon. This one came up inverted, so I'm taking it to mean that the part of your past that needs letting go is chaotic and perhaps involves repressed memory. The poison needs to flow out, but it's clogged somehow. I feel like there is something you need to face.

Present: judgement. I think there is part of you that you are just now allowing to resurface. Give it acceptance unconditionally, including by sharing it openly with people you can trust. You may get hurt, but it's worth it to know who will practice full acceptance with you.

Future: the tower. This one came up inverted in response to what your best possible soon future might be, and I feel like it's saying that chaos is going to calm and you're going to rebuild. I don't know if the chaos is already happened or is yet to happen.

Vision: the hermit. I feel like this card is saying that if you want to build that secure, calm life, you will have to endure some time alone, and be careful about who you let in for the next little while. Maybe take a break from social things and work on some inner things, or maybe a relationship needs some space in it. Take caution, things are going to be rocky for a while.



Past: hanged man and king of wands. The hanged man is a symbol of willing sacrifice and the king of wands is a symbol of charisma. These came out together and I'm interpreting them as being your sacrifice for 'fame' or appreciation. I feel like you were expecting a particular kind of reaction, but did not get it, and felt your sacrifices were wasted. But as I look, I see the hanged one gazing down while all around there are beings watching. I feel like the cards are heartily agreeing with me about your music making a difference in ways you don't see.

Present: high priest. I feel like this card is a perfect balance indicating being on the fence. On the one hand, material success and in the other, open possibilities. I think it means you're at a unique point where your choice, whichever it is, will open up many opportunities but only along that one path.

Future: page of wands. I feel like this is you, being replete with creative ideas.

Vision: the moon. I had no idea what this meant (I dunno if the dragon tarot is going to work with me very well), Google suggests that the moon combined with the hanged man means that your need to control has left you creatively alone. It also suggests that you need to trust your intuition and focus on spirituality. Maybe the moon has a personal meaning to you? if this doesn't help, sorry :-/



Past: willow. First thing that came to mind on reflecting on this card was aspirin, pain meds. There's been some very heavy pain in your past and you developed habits to numb it. I feel like willow is saying that it's time to change some of those habits as some of them are not serving you anymore.

Present: beech. I am reminded of how beech often holds on to its dead leaves even throughout winter, only letting go when spring starts (one of the only deciduous trees that does this). I feel like you are very thrifty and careful, and beech is saying good on you. But don't just hold on, do something with what you so carefully keep.

Future: mulberry. It has heart shaped leaves and I feel sweetness and taste honeysuckle looking at the card, so I interpret this to mean positive (romantic?) new closeness with someone, deep love. The mulberry leafs out late, so that might imply that you need to be cautious or it might mean that you have a ways to wait (early summer, I'm feeling).

Vision: tulip tree aka yellow poplar. I love this tree so much. Change change change, sings out from this card. I'm interpreting this to mean that to get to your best future, you need to focus on transformation. I'm reminded of the spicy peppery smell of these flowers and how they're so unique; I feel this means try uncomfortable/weird/new things. Follow the path of greatest novelty, maybe just for a few months. Sharp smells, tastes; maybe these can be a hint.



Past: pyramid/ earth. If this was anyone else, I'd say it meant you need to let go of the promise of security, let go of what seems safe and known. But you have, as far as I know, so maybe you don't have past shit to work on or maybe this is affirming your choice to leave family behind.

Present: Set. I saw this and was like, oh dayum. I suppose you're struggling in some chaos while everything seems to be turning to shit. But it won't stay that way.

Future: Bast/desire. I see this as a sign that the future that would most nourish you is not too far ahead, that you're being encouraged or maybe bribed by the universe.

Vision: Amun-Ra/sun. What should you focus on to reach your best future, I asked, and I got this. When I asked for clarification I got "entering the mystery" and "sphinx" so I'm interpreting this as urging you to ask the hard questions, don't avoid thinking about them. Bring light into the corners and don't go along with anything. Be a fuckin donkey okay, but not just with others. Be stubborn with yourself and don't let yourself off with surface answers. Maybe others will be satisfied but you need to know more.

I am done for today but when/if next I feel an urge, those who commented are next in line ;-)

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