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22 day writing challenge prompts / Kimberle Crenshaw / life timeline

I got Adi and Locke and Topaz (and mayyybe Aurilion and Camellia) to join me in the 22day challenge, yay :D I feel inspired and invigorated. Today I gave the prompt: if you had to pick one subculture with whom to spend most of your time for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

A few more prompts:
What positive, useful thing did you learn from your parent(s)/caretaker(s)? (it can be learning what NOT to do also)
What is the time you felt the closest to transcendently happy?
What is intuition and what role, if any, does it play in your life?


I saw Kimberle Crenshaw (the one who coined 'intersectionality' and an international civil rights advocate and social justice worker) speak today and I felt so fucking honored and happy and I felt like I learned a lot in a short amount of time (an hour!). I had no idea that sexual harassment protections exist in the US thanks to black women who fought back in the courts. And I've realized that incarceration needs to become a front-and-center issue in feminism for us to get closer to real intersectional work.

I've been thinking every day about my life timeline lately because I really want to work on it but work has been stressing me out so much and Topaz is also so stressed lately that I've been spending most/all of my little spare time resting. I'm not sure why it is feeling urgent to get on with making the timeline. I know it is important to me because my memory is so bad and a visual timeline would help me to understand the contexts of various events in my life so much. I guess maybe I'm feeling urgency because I am finally ready to really delve into it? If anyone wants to come over and read or do something creative while I work on it, please let me know and let's set a time <3 I will be working on it at the next crafty party but it's a many many hour project.
Tags: 22days, social justice / feminism

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