Belenen (belenen) wrote,

putting my latent Christianity to work with lots of new realizations: an unintended magic

I got a birthday card from my only living grandparent today and when I opened it I could feel on it the push, the energy, the intention magic that ze had put into it. Ze wants me to turn straight and normal because ze thinks that is what God wants. I started mentally writing a letter to zir as I drove, explaining that the reason ze doesn't question dogma or separate it from faith is that ze wasn't raised that way, despite the fact that there is no biblical basis for the things ze believes in many cases. As I started thinking about this I had a really cool realization about first one verse, then another, and in the space of about 20 minutes I had the core of several concepts that I'd previously not realized. I decided not only to write them, but to make a blog and start refuting all the doctrinal fails I come across (as I have time). I felt some wonder at the speed and fertility of my thoughts in that time span and realized that it was probably the effects of my grandparent's prayers, though likely not at all in a form ze would appreciate. I'm amused and also hopeful that this will be helpful for social justice minded Christians, as I know they exist and may be lost in a thornbush of toxic doctrines.

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