Belenen (belenen) wrote,

refreshing my LJ by revamping my userinfo / most important post compilation

I finally, FINALLY, re-wrote and refreshed my userinfo. It had been over FOUR YEARS, not sure how many exactly, since I had substantially edited it. It feels so good -- like my living room had been completely untouched for four years as stacks of stuff accumulated and bits disappeared from shelves and everything got covered in dust, and then I just went in like a hurricane and dusted and rearranged everything into sparkling fresh tidiness. Except more so, because my userinfo is much more relevant to my identity than my living room. I feel so much more at home now in LJ, and I feel encouraged also because I found some awesome people to add, and I feel like maybe LJ is finally picking up again -- the addme communities are more prolific than they have been in a long time. I think I spent a total of 8+ hours doing all of that. A good chunk of that time was compiling a linklist of my most important posts, so I'm gonna go ahead and share most of those:

        · intimacy: ways of creating it & an outline of my intimacy practices
        · my relationship w/ language; my beliefs on words & how I speak
        · on use of 'lame' 'gay' 'retarded' etc. as insults or negative expressions
        · sexually violent language, the word 'rape' & 'curse words'
        · how I apologize when I hurt someone: empathize, explain, change
        · If I'm wrong, tell me - and check for misunderstandings
        · 6 principles to body-love: my experiences and methods
        · parts of a person -- spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body
        · how I value impermanence and infinity to equal degrees
        · tithing to my causes: equality, freedom (legal & spiritual), art, earth
        · my generosity is sustained by appreciation & killed by expectation
        · my spirit-shapes: snow leopard, egyptian cobra, american river otter
        · why break-ups should be treated like graduations, not like death
        · negotiating expectations / ending relationships is a vital skill
        · on jealousy, fear, loneliness, envy, threat, and disconnection
        · eye contact is intensely intimate and nourishing for me
        · the difference between openness and honesty
        · LJ journey to openness & honesty; my love for nudity
Tags: lj my beloved home, the essential belenen collection

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