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went out with Rebecca

Good news: Rebecca's graduation is at 9am and Gabe's is at 4pm. So I can go to both... and the whole day will be spent celebrating the death of high school in two people's lives. Sounds good to me! --especially since this means that I no longer will have any real-life friends in high school. (are any of you LJ friends of mine still in high school? You have my deepest sympathy -- and I'm not being sarcastic.)

Other news: Went out with Rebecca... talked about friendship and what kind we want between us... didn't come up with definitive answers, but I felt much easier and we were both very honest. We're going to try at a new friendship. I do need to tell her that it stresses me out and makes me want to withdraw when she talks about the old one. In my mind it's deaddeaddead, so don't dig it up! But anyway, I now actually have an interest in being friends with her, because she has grown more than I thought she had.
Tags: ex-in-laws, rebecca

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