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I started writing an up-to-date "characters in the story of my life" post, spent about 3 hours on it and will probably finish it tomorrow. I feel really good about it. Godde, this daily writing thing has just opened me up again and made things that were daunting come within my grasp. I kinda can't believe I'm actually getting this stuff done! I know from the outside it doesn't look like much but it's moving into my home again, it's feeling expressive again. In addition to getting stuck on perfection, I spent so much time either busy or depressed that I just couldn't write. I think I've been better since last November, but before that was almost two years of struggling just to maintain. Even my photo-taking is not as clear a picture of my inner self as my journal.

I'm seriously considering hiring someone to tag my entries- it bugs me that they're not done but it's SO tedious. I'd need someone I super trusted though, because this is literally my soul outside my body.
Tags: lj my beloved home

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