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I was wandering Del's site, as usual.... and looking at the sketches, as usual... and, also as usual, getting whiny and impatient over not being able to see what my Liltalnen look like!!!! Waaaaaaahhhh.... Del, dahlin', if you read this, don't hate me. You know my impatient nature. my EXTREMELY impatient nature that has been waiting... how long? A long time, anyway. Months. Meh.

And I'm in a BOD MOOD because I just wasted 2 hours that I had intended to be productive, through no fault of my own. Suffice to say that for what I wanted to do, fireworks SUCKS.

Del, please, please, please do some more on the liltalnen sketches soon!!! Peeeeeeze? Peeeeeeeeeeeez???? Oh, and I will have to give you a sketch or two of their type of jewelry... and I have their eyes sketched, I'll post the link later in this thread. I love you! Really! And you're beautiful and smart and funny and kind and generous.... peeeeeeeeeeez????

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