Belenen (belenen) wrote,

my sacred dreamscape / dream (heather and I find knives in water among roots)

There's this place I visit in dreams (only occasionally) that is so incredibly beautiful. It's old-growth forest with very little underbrush, lots of moss. Flat land with lots of cliffs, streams running through rocky gulleys, flat-banked rivers with trees reaching their roots into them and lots of soft grasses at the edges. Boardwalks going improbably far into the length of the river, which is sometimes almost too far to see across but not quite. Shady, quiet, full of anticipation, smelling of earth and fecundity.

Last night I was there with Heather, and we were walking along a stream when we saw something nestled in a crook of root in the water. We lifted a cover to find pretty mother-of-pearl weapons which were at first guns and then butterfly knives. I was excited because it was strange treasure, and Heather was excited because the knives themselves meant something important to zir. I took one and let zir have the rest.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, heather

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