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Talkative March meme - give me questions/topics pls.

This seemed pretty awesome and fun when wildrose did it, so me too! I'm getting close to the end of my 22day challenge and I want to keep this momentum.

So this is how it works:
Pick a day of the month of March (check the comments first to see if it's taken). Then, ask me a question or give me a topic to talk about in my journal on that date (up to 3 days per person).
GO! I'll fill this in as people list stuff, and maybe add my own if there aren't enough prompts by the time it rolls around.

March 1: (bunnika) What are your most sacred spaces? Do you enjoy sharing them, or do you prefer to enjoy them in solitude?
March 2: (lifeofmendel) When you're feeling depressed, what do you do to cope with it?
March 3: (lifeofmendel) When you're feeling full of joy, what do you do to celebrate it?
March 4: (blimeyzawn1) What do you hope your life will look like in 10 years (in terms of relationship(s), personal development, job, location, general lifestyle, etc.)?
March 5: (delicatexflower) list your sexperiences and how they opened your heart and soul.
March 6: (Topaz) What are the 3 most spiritual experiences you've ever had... excluding interactions with trees. (But plz link back to posts about spiritual interactions with trees in the post)
March 7: (justben: What is your favorite thing about the place you're living today? What is the hardest part for you?
March 8: (Topaz) Summarize/describe your relationship with Xena Warrior Princess, and why you like it, and why it's important to you.
March 9: (rmpenguino) What makes you unique? How different is your perception of yourself versus what you end up being?
March 10: (rmpenguino)How do you show your love for others? Does that influence how you receive love?
March 11: (kmiotutsie) Your relationship with astrology: you like to know sun/moon/rising, but do you know lots about your own natal chart, and what the other planets indicate, and are you interested in that?
March 12: (sabr) This is my horse, TC Nighthawk's birthday. I have a close relationship with him, and we are very close in age - I want to know more about your connection with animals, and where they fit in/shape/improve your life. Tell me about an important connection you have to any particular animal, past or present!
March 13: (volamonster) What physical objects do you own that have deep sentiment attached to them? Can you tell us some stories about them, and/or how you feel about them and why?
March 14: (theindiequeen) What are your top 10 favorite albums of all time?
March 15: How I feel about various means of communication
March 16: (justben) What is the most important-to-you-right-now thing you've learned in the last six months? How did you learn it, and why is it important to you right now?
March 17: (Alfred) describe a dystopean vision of the future.
March 18: (Alfred) You are God Empress of Earth. What do you do?
March 19: (rmpenguino)When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help? Who do you trust to advise or talk to you in ways that most feel like your own voice?
March 20: (blimeyzawn1) For some of your dedicated followers (i.e. me), you seem like the goddess of relationships, full of communication skills and healthy boundaries. What are the things in your friendships and romantic relationships that you feel you most need to improve?
March 21: (mmmmurgle) You've talked before about asking questions being a skill, one that you're very skilled at. How would you coach someone through developing that skill? (I'm trying to get better, but it still feels so foreign and hard for me.)
March 22: (Lydia) How do you handle choosing between remaining in a relationship for fear of being alone or embracing your independence even if it means being alone for the rest of your natural life?
March 23: (Topaz) If you could select three instruments (voice can be one if desired), any instruments, to be able to perfectly and masterfully play, which would you pick and why?
March 24: (darkestgarden) since you mentioned wanting multiple tattoos in your march 4th post, could you tell us what the possibilities are, how you chose them, and what they mean to you?
March 25: being intersex/trans
March 26: (sabr) The eve of my most lucrative photography event of the year, the Red Barn Run. Tell me about what you would do for a career if you could do anything?
March 27: (sabr) This is Scarlette (my unicorn)'s purchase anniversary. She is the most sacred connection I have on this earth. Tell me about the most prized possession you have.
March 28: (kmiotutsie) what is your relationship with money? Do you have any wealth/ money metaphors or ways of thinking about money that are distinct to you? I do, and I'm recently curious about other people's relationships with money.
March 29: (darkestgarden) talk to us about some of your favorite characters from creative media and why they resonate with you.
March 30: (prosphoros) how I do energy work.
March 31: (Camellia) gender identity stuff
Tags: meme, writing prompts

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