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parts of a person: how I see people in spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body as they connect to me

It's not March yet but this has been on my mind a lot lately so I'm gonna go ahead and answer darkestgarden's prompt. (and if you haven't yet, go give me prompts!)

could you talk about your color spirit classifications (when you say, for example, that someone is a violet spirit)? what are the differences between colors and how do you determine them for people? how well do you have to know someone before you make a definitive classification? have you ever labelled someone a color only to change it later? has anyone ever disagreed with you about the classification?

This is purely a my-sight thing, firstly, so its only meaning is in how I see people. I'm not claiming that this is the color of their aura or anything actually about them, just what I see and feel. The way I understand them is in relation to myself and then in relation to others. I see myself as having a vivid violet spirit, spring green heart, and bright scarlet soul. Then I feel a connection with people, and feel out whether that is more toward this direction or that on the color wheel, and then I compare one to another to guess if I don't have confidence. I have to know someone well enough to be able to tell where we connect or don't, and to see them enough to be able to compare them to others. Yes, I have labeled colors and changed them; the way I see it, the colors don't change but my perception can be skewed. Some people don't like themselves and try to appear as other. Sometimes I just can't get a good feel, and my perception is off. People have disagreed with me, but most people don't have a way of feeling people that is at all similar so they don't disagree because it's just not relevant to their life.

So for instance, I see Kylei as an orange soul. I feel this because it connects strongly to my red soul, but is different in some key ways, and is more similar to Ace (Ace disagrees because ze doesn't see zirself and Kylei as alike). I see Hannah as a yellow heart, again because of strong connection but different in some ways (seems to be more kin with animal than plant, for instance). I see Topaz as a violet spirit, similar to mine but darker and more red, which I figured out because I feel that Kylei is a violet spirit who is more blue than me, and I feel Kylei and I are more spirit-alike than Kylei and Topaz. Heather's soul is similar to mine, but closer to Kylei than I am (it should be oranger than it appears in the image). It's a complex web. I made a diagram (there are a few on here I am not sure of but the ways people connect to me I am sure of):

(click to see large - the colors work a lot better on Topaz's computer than on mine so this may not look as it should)

The interesting thing is that as I did this, I saw connections that hadn't been made but that could have been. For instance, Abby and Arizona are both blue souls and green hearts and only one tone off on spirit; I don't think they hung out much but I think they could have been the bondest of bonds because damn, they're alike (however, that may only be likeness in how they relate to me. More experimentation is necessary). And Firekat and Heather are very alike in spirit and soul and I bet they'd totally be besties if they lived close and knew each other. And Kate and my ex-partner are practically twins.

Here's the best short explanation of spirit, heart, and soul as I can come up with so far:
spirit: your core self, the ineffable you. Where your intuition, will, and desires come from. This part never changes and as far as I am concerned cannot be described in words.
heart: how you connect with the world. It determines where you find meaning, your spiritual/elemental identifications/totems (mountain, wind, cat, tree, etc). This part only changes in whether it is open or closed.
soul: how you interact with the world. It is affected by material interactions and knowledge, by insecurities and fears. Your personality 'type.' It can change a lot in saturation and brightness.

There's also mind and body connections. Mind connections I see as a pattern similarity when I see them (my mind pattern has a lot of branches and vines and sharp edges) but mostly they're not visual, and body connections are not at all visual for me. I have mind connections with Kate, Abby, Kylei, Topaz, Hannah, Ben, Anika, Nea, Ashe, and Allison, to varying extents; what this means is that we make similar logical connections, enjoy similar mental stimulation, and/or can weave words together for hours with little to no effort. I have body connections with Topaz, Heather, Kylei, Aurilion, Ace, Viv, Taz, Tamara, Chase (someone I knew super briefly years ago) and maybe Adi and Camellia. I see body connections as that feeling where hugging feels good beyond the physical sensation, and I feel drawn to touch constantly; where it feels like my body wants connection all by itself. I feel this when I'm in love with someone pretty much always but when it's a connection of its own, it exists regardless of logic or even my emotions about the person.
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