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love memory bank 1 - Topaz, Camellia, Allison, Viv, Aurilion, Firekat, Heather, Anika, Adi, etc!

Something I've decided to start doing in keeping with LJ being my external memory is to keep a "love memory bank" on my phone to jot down when people make me feel extra-loved, and post that in increments here.

Topaz helped me tidy and clean!
Camellia gave me two books that exist in our shared interests, from zir own library <3
Allison made me a beautiful card that was a prequel to the GIANT SNOW LEOPARD ART THAT ZE IS PAINTING FOR ME WITH BIG TREES ON IT. WHAT???? It's amazing and I cannot wait to see the finished version!
Topaz gave me a piece of petrified wood that ze found. Which is an incredibly sacred object, I can't even believe it.
AND Topaz made a photobook of photos ze's taken of me, of places we've been together, and words about how ze feels about the photos.
These three made me feel SPOILT in the best way.

Kei-Won-Tia & Alex & Lydia & Jerry & Jasmine & Sarah & SabR & Zawn & Kelley & Allison & Elliott all commented telling me that they read my journal and saying sweet things about how they value it. Also 66 people 'liked' a post telling me that they read it, including people I thought were facebook-only friends.

Viv sent me a very thoughtful message about our experience together.

Topaz made me coffee and brought me the honey and a spoon and milk, then waited while I added honey and milk and put the milk away for me while I sat in the living room and was happily spoilt. Also toasted me a bagel and was cutely distressed when the first one burnt.
Topaz talked with me for a long time about my thoughts on spirit soul heart colors and explored it thoroughly w me.
Aurilion texted me lovingly.
Justben and Alex and ex-Ben messaged me thoughtfully.
Firekat offered to Skype.
Adi tagged me in a gratefulness post.
Topaz sang silly songs to me about loving me.

Topaz woke me with coffee and spoiled me again.
Aurilion wrote me a very loving email.
Camellia came to the crafty party and hugged me and said that I give good hugs.
Topaz stayed after, took me to taco bell and stayed to watch lost girl.

Heather shared zir usermanual w me.
Anika exchanged comments with me and explained that ze still cared about me.

Adi sent me clips of zir telling the stories of dreams.
Vola shared a lot of explanation to my questions on how ze feels about intimacy/privacy.
Jacob posted a comment telling me that ze appreciated my views and me.

I was working on the take home part of a stats midterm and couldn't find my calculator for the in-class part tomorrow at 9am so Topaz went out to get zir's from zir sibling who had borrowed it and then went two places to get batteries for it and then brought it to me and gave me kisses!!!
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