Belenen (belenen) wrote,

prompt 3: how I celebrate joy / joining LJidol season 9

Prompt from lifeofmendel When you're feeling full of joy, what do you do to celebrate it?

I take photos and/or write about it because otherwise I will lose the memory. I tell people about it! I put glitter on, and/or makeup. I take photos of myself (see icon). I dance and sing silly songs to myself about what mundane things I'm doing. (i.e. "I'm gonna make some coffee, pouring water, grindy grindy, dump out the old stuff...") I do creative things! making jewelry or organizing or working on the latest crafty project. Sometimes if I'm feeling super happy I'll tell random people I haven't been in contact with that I love them. I funnel joy into things that will last, quick as I can, usually. Less often, I'll do something that doesn't last, like get drunk! I only ever drink when I am feeling happy because drinking makes me feel more of whatever I am feeling. OR (never and) I go out, drive and turn the music up, go somewhere I haven't been in a while.

in other news, I've been super excited about writing lately and this is my last chance to participate, so I'm joining LJ idol for the last season. You can too!
Tags: joy, writing prompts

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