Belenen (belenen) wrote,

prompt 11: my relationship with astrology is looking for patterns

kmiotutsie gave me this prompt: Your relationship with astrology: you like to know sun/moon/rising, but do you know lots about your own natal chart, and what the other planets indicate, and are you interested in that?

I don't really know much about astrology. I know that I tend to interact with people in patterns that go along with sun signs. Capricorns I have strong mind connections with and often giant fights with: they're fuckin stubborn. Aquarians I love, irrationally much, and almost always feel really in-tune with: they're super idealistic (and if they have a fire moon, that's in a make-it-happen way). I don't think I've ever met an Aquarius I didn't love. Pisces are often very important to me but they're way more gentle and family-focused. Aries I fuckin adore for the explosive energy they bring, they energize me more than anyone else. Taurus folk were most of my friends when I was young but now are almost absent from my life and I don't tend to get along with them. I've only known one Gemini and we communicate brilliantly, I feel. Cancers I tend to have strong heart connections with, and Leos I find fun and relaxing to be around: they're easy to please. Virgos I admire for their creativity and toughness. Libras I tend to not get along with because I can't or won't live up to their standards. I resonate strongly with the Scorpios I know but have only gotten close to one, despite efforts with others; we tend to share a similar way of seeing emotions. Sagittariuses I either am extremely resonant with or extremely not, and almost all of the ones I know I've had fall-outs with in some way.

So I look at the sun signs as a way to predict how the connection will go. If someone is an aquarius sun (especially with a fire moon), aries sun, or leo sun, or if someone has gemini rising, we are likely to get on well. I don't usually ask what people's signs are or think about it though, I just look at the patterns. For a little while I was dating three leos. Before that I dated two aquariuses. I dunno if it has any meaning, but patterns please me so I look for them. I don't look for guidance because I don't want to know the future. If it's gonna be shit, I don't want to be dreading it. If it's gonna be great, I don't want to be wishing the time away until then. So I don't use anything to try and see the future, except sometimes vaguely for a sense of vision, and I only check it if it comes to me. Example: someone shares that the current configuration of the stars is good for creativity, so I invest in building that with more gusto than usual. Or someone shares that it's a bad time to be starting new relationships so I add more caution there.
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